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Cryobox® - Eliminate the need for full-scale LNG


Cryobox makes LNG more affordable and attainable than ever by eliminating the need for full-scale LNG manufacturing plants. Scalable and self-operating with low CAPEX costs, the Cryobox is designed to make switching to sustainable fuels simple, yet smart for your business.







Nanobox® - The all-in-one CNG Station



The Nanobox contains all the components of the Microbox with an added dispenser. Each unit features a CNG compressor, storage, and dispenser in a single plug-and-play module. The Nanobox modular configuration facilitates the capacity scalability depending upon increase in demand, as well as the gas compression requirements in CNG filling stations, Virtual Pipeline® daughter stations or biomethane plants.








 Gigabox® - The filling solution for large stations



Gigabox allows you to provide CNG during peak demand. Its compact design includes everything you need to compress and dispense natural gas, including a dryer, storage, and an optional dispenser in a single explosion-proof cabinet











Start producing CNG for your operations. The Microbox is a modular system that allows you to compress natural gas for your business when you have limited resources. This simple configuration requires only a small amount of space and allows for high-rise installations in CNG filling stations and in a variety of other industries.